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Fast Five: Preschool Sunday School Trainers
Today's FAST 5 features five of the many preschool Sunday School trainers available on the 4:12 Network. You can view the complete listing of trainers by choosing Ministry Focus: Sunday School > Preschool Sunday School from the 4:12 Network searchable database.

Kim Williams, Georgia
Kim has served as the Director of Preschool Ministries, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA since 1994. She not only leads conferences but has written and developed training materials for Preschool leaders. Read more about Kim

Pam Keith, Louisiana
Pam serves on the staff of Philadelphia Baptist church, Deville, LA as the Preschool director. She is a freelance author as well as a trainer of preschool leaders. Read more about Pam

Glenda Greer, Louisiana
Glenda has served as Minister to Preschool at Cypress Baptist church, Benton, LA for over 20 years. She incorporates the knowledge from this experience into conferences. Read more about Glenda

Cheryl Burchfield, Georgia
One of Cheryl's greatest joys is sharing the passion that God has given her for preschoolers with young families and preschool Sunday School teachers. She brings to the table, a wealth of ministry experience including leading the preschool ministry of New Hope Baptist Church, Fayetteville, GA. Read more about Cheryl

Kathy Williams, Florida
Training, leading, and teaching are Kathy's passions. She brings over 25 years of experience to the table when leading preschool ministry training. Read more about Kathy

FAST 5 is a weekly post featuring five 4:12 Network members, affiliates, resources, and/or other helpful information that you can reference while developing plans for your discipleship ministry.
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