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Explore the Bible: Glimpse of the Throne

Majestic . . Incredible . . . Amazing! These are just a few words that came to mind after reading through Revelation 4:1-11 this week. Imagine being in John's shoes, exiled, lonely, seemingly abandoned. But, God had not forgotten him and He showed John something that would change his and our outlook on life and eternity forever! This week's Explore the Bible study, Glimpse of the Throne, should leave you and your group in awe of the Throne room of Heaven.

This week's teaching helps are built around LifeWay's ETB Extra. The illustration related to the recent flyby of Pluto is an excellent way to begin the discussion of the glimpse John receives of the throne room of Heaven. I have also provided these additional helps along with my teaching plan:
  • There are two PowerPoint slides you could use as you guide the discussion if you so choose. Click to View
  • Reading Revelation 4:1-11 Option: Use as an option to enlisting someone to read the Scripture passage. Click to View
  • Great Reminder:  This is a great blog regarding teaching Revelation 4. Click to Read
  • Great Overview: As you prepare to teach, this short video can help you keep the perspective on how to communicate the wonderful truths of this passage. Click to View


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